Equine Surgical Facilities in North Texas

Burleson Equine Hospital has a spacious surgical suite equipped with innovative technological features that enhance surgical amenities while minimizing the risks of surgery and general anesthesia. There are two padded recovery stalls with oxygen supplementation available where patients are constantly monitored in the recovery phase of anesthesia. Most of the initial preparations for surgery are performed in the standing horse to minimize anesthetic time as much as possible. Once the patient is safely situated in the induction room, the induction agents are administered and the horse is gently lowered to a rubber floor. A specially designed hoist then elevates the anesthetized patient to enable proper positioning onto our surgery tables. The surgery table is heavily padded and features an electric hydraulic lift to maximize the comfort of our patient for the entirety of the procedure.

Throughout the procedure, our certified anesthetist uses state of the art monitoring equipment to evaluate blood oxygenation, anesthetic gas delivery, direct arterial blood pressure, and blood gas analysis. All these monitors can be continually evaluated and adjusted to the individual needs of each patient throughout the procedure, thus minimizing the inherent risks of general anesthesia.The horse is then moved to the recovery stall, which is non-slip and heavily padded. The stalls are designed to allow free recovery or assisted recovery based on the needs of the individual patient.

Our Laboratory

The laboratory at Burleson Equine Hospital allows our veterinarians to obtain important information quickly to aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment of our patients. We perform complete blood counts, fibrinogen, electrolytes, and chemistry panels, serum amyloid A, blood gas, and cytology in-house. Microscopic examination of blood and fluid, culture and sensitivity of fluid samples, and fecal examinations can also be performed by our credentialed laboratory technicians and doctors. We have an on-site laboratory that is available to process equine infectious anemia (Coggins) testing, and we can obtain rapid, same-day results if necessary. We perform routine Coggins tests twice weekly, so you can be sure to get rapid, accurate results when using our laboratory. Additionally, for last minute changes and unexpected sales, we can provide same-day services for Coggins testing.We also submit samples to other laboratories for in-depth testing such as HYPP, PSSM, EPM, HERDA, and viral or bacterial diseases.


Burleson Equine Hospital offers several options for our hospitalized patients. We have an ICU stall for the most critical post-operative patients and septic foals, box stalls to manage our critical colics and lacerations, larger stalls that will accommodate mare-foaling services, outdoor pens to house mares for reproductive purposes, stallion stalls, and isolation stalls that allow us to manage patients with diarrhea and respiratory diseases. We also have day stalls that allow our clients to drop patients off the night before or the morning of their appointments so that we can accommodate the busy work schedules of our clients. The stalls are fully equipped for IV fluid therapy and the patients are closely monitored by our veterinarians and credentialed equine health technicians. Our ICU stalls, foaling stalls and critical medical stalls have cameras that monitor patients 24 hours a day. We use Purina feeds and have high-quality alfalfa from Arizona and irrigated premium coastal hays available. At BEH, one thing is for certain: your horse will have a clean comfortable stall throughout his or her hospitalization with superb care from our staff. We pride ourselves on individualized care and cater to your horses every need. Daily visitations to your horse are encouraged.

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