Equine Ambulatory Services

Burleson Equine Hospital takes pride in providing exceptional veterinary field services for horses in the local and surrounding areas up to a 60 mile radius. BEH maintains two vehicles fully stocked and equipped to handle routine and emergency veterinary care for our clients, allowing us to bring the expertise of our veterinary staff directly to your farms and ranches. From annual vaccinations to lameness evaluation with ultrasound and X-ray, wellness exams to emergency colics, and lacerations to routine health checks in our older patients and ophthalmology, our field veterinarians take pride in the quality of the service they are able to provide to our clients. Furthermore, we have the unique opportunity to refer those critical patients that require more intense diagnostics and therapy to our hospital.

Additionally, BEH provides services to several large show barns and ranches in the surrounding areas. We are capable of bringing our hospital to your barn to perform most of your diagnostic and therapeutic needs on-site such as digital ultrasound, X-ray (repository films), shockwave, joint injections, PRP, IRAP, and acupuncture thereby eliminating the need for multiple visits to the facility before an upcoming show or sale.

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