Equine Sports Medicine

Burleson Equine Hospital offers a complete and comprehensive lameness diagnostic service that provides advanced and state-of-the-art care for the equine athlete. Our clinicians have extensive training and expertise in evaluating lameness in horses under a wide variety of disciplines within the equine industry.

We pride ourselves on thorough, in-depth lameness examinations complete with local anesthetic techniques (nerve and joint blocks) employed to determine exactly where your horse is lame. With a wide variety of diagnostic imaging modalities readily available, including digital radiography and digital ultrasound, diagnosing the source of the lameness can often be completed during the time of your appointment. Lameness exams are best performed in a controlled environment on a variety of surfaces. Our doctors are capable of performing lameness examinations, radiographs, ultrasound exams, and joint injections at the clinic or at your barn./p>

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